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We have dealt with popular and international clients in our years of service and have successfully
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Relax Me Online

We helped Jason by rebuilding his website so it can be viewed on mobile devices (something many businesses overlook and lose 50% of their visitors on page 1). We also helped with Search Engine Ranking for keywords and also helped with advice to help his YouTube channel grow to 250k Subscribers (and still growing).


Keen As Campers

Dirk Plettner from Keen As Campers was a client we gained after hiring a camper from him to take a trip to Broken Hill near the western border of New South Wales.

We really like helping small business owners, especially in these tough times, and Dirk needed help with a new look website that would compete with the bigger camper hire companies. We’ve now moved into a promotional phase to get Dirk’s new site listed high on the search engines (and numerous times) so he can knock his competitors off page one.

As a bonus for Dirk, and because we really like helping people, we made a video to give his business even more exposure on the Internet.


You Can Quit

Mai Tran needed a completely new website and look so she could compete with the numerous other offers online for people to quit smoking.

Mai came to us for help and we not only designed a functional new site we also created a video to use online for marketing her services.

Mai is also our newest client to employ our online marketing services so her site can dominate the search engines on page one. Using proven techniques we are confident her site will dominate page one and she will get to the point where so many clients will be calling her she will need to employ more staff to handle the demand.


Hotel Kurrajong

Located on the National Circuit in Barton, only a short walk from the new Parliament House, the Hotel Kurrajong is an iconic heritage boutique hotel whose origins go back to the birth of Canberra as the nation's capital and whose corridors are steeped in Canberras political history.

Designed in 1924 by the Commonwealth's Chief Architect, John Smith Murdoch, who also designed the Parliament House and the Hotel Canberra (now the Park Hyatt), the Hotel Kurrajong is a fine example of early Commonwealth architecture, influenced by the Prairie style of architects Frank Lloyd Wright and, visionary planner of Canberra, Walter Burley Griffin.

Hotel Kurrajong needed a whole new look website that was simple, elegant and easy to use. They also needed a listing on Google’s search engine for the term “hotel canberra” because they didn’t have anything at the time we were asked to help.

Now they have their site and their listing and are taking more booking through the Internet thanks to our dedicated staff at Top Ranked Website.

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Once, when the Internet was new, it was a simple thing to drive traffic to your website. A few keywords in your meta-tags was often all it took to dominate the search engine results. After all, there really wasn't much competition. Today, with search algorithms becoming more and more sophisticated and thousands of new websites popping up every minute, the competition is fierce. You can't afford to just put up a site and hope for the best, not when your business depends on it.