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Technology Helps Business Bloggers

How’s this for an example of how technology can help business owners keep in contact with their customers and blog readers.

I’m actually writing this as an example by using the WordPress App on my iPhone (free by the way), and I’m laying in bed just about to go to sleep for the night.

Having this opens all kinds of opportunities for you to keep readers aware of new things happening in your business.

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Great Video on 4 Success Saboteurs by Steve Little

I’ve been watching some fantastic videos by Steve Little lately and this one I felt I should share with everyone.

Steve outlines the 4 Top Success Saboteurs and ways to combat them.  His advise was a bit of a slap in the face for me, especially considering I was doing the “right” things to be successful, when all along I was doing it all WRONG.

The video is only 15 minutes and I highly recommend you have a look.  These 15 minutes could save you hours of wasted time and give you a lot more success within your business.

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Service Providers: Adjust Your Business Payment Structure for Quicker Cash

Waiting for your hard-earned cash to actually show up in your accounts can be unbearable when you’re broke. In this situation your accounting may indicate that your business is technically thriving but you still feel cash poor. Is this how your business is operating right now? If so, keep reading the following tips. By making just a few simple adjustments to your payment structure, you can start enjoying profits sooner rather than later.

Depending on the nature of your online business, customers may pay you in different ways and on different schedules.

Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking of ways to generate the cash in hand when you need it most.

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Become a Ghostwriter.

ghost writerMany online business owners are not natural writers. It’s painful for them to draft a blog post, let alone an entire eBook. And, there are also an endless number of internet marketers who are just too busy to write enough to keep their web businesses growing. Both types of people are looking for quality content. Pair that up with the fact that web surfers are always in search of great information and it becomes a potential win-win situation for anyone with writing skills who needs to earn some extra cash in a hurry.

So, what is a Ghostwriter and how can it earn you Quick Cash?

A ghostwriter is simply a person who writes articles or books for another person. The ghostwriter is a hired writer who gets paid, but normally does not get any credit for their work. For instance, many of the biographies at your favorite bookstore were written by ghostwriters, most of which you’ve never heard of.

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Get Quick Cash by Offering Great Services at Great Rates

Customer ServiceIf you’ve got your own online business, you know that there are plenty of tasks that you love doing and plenty of others that get put off day after day after day for one reason or another. Perhaps you really dislike a certain activity, maybe you’re not good at it, or maybe other things just keep getting in the way.

The task may be anything. Creating videos, submitting your articles to article directories, creating affiliate tools, setting up Squidoo pages, getting listed in blog directories, setting up your social media accounts, or any number of other things. Guess what? You’re not alone. Every online business owner feels the exact same way.

And, any time there’s a problem that means you can profit.

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avatarCoulcher's Personal Accounting Camden

Thanks for the support in getting my website a better address on Google, up to No.1 in fact.

I have tried Yellow Pages, Newspapers, the Radio etc and within days of being listed at the top of Google, I attracted a new client, this was a much better response than all other methods combined.

Your advise and assistance with the Blog have also proved invaluable and I am sure that more business should flow my way with your assistance.

Les Coulcher
Coulcher's Personal Accounting