Link Building Strategy 8 – Facebook

Building links with Facebook can bring added traffic to your site, increase your blog readers, followers and subscribers and all-in-all improve your SEO because of added links and value.

There are a variety of ways to use Facebook to build links to your website. Here are just a few:

  • As with any social networking site, the more friends you have, the more opportunity for links, visitors to your website, and ultimately sales. So “friend” people when they invite you to.
  • Search for friends by name or email. View the friends of your friends and invite them to be your friend. In other words, grow your network. That’s one of the fastest ways to build your circle of influence—on Facebook or anywhere.
  • Create a Fan Page for your business on Facebook and invite your friends to join. Post specials, discounts, coupons, news about your site and tips related to your niche.
  • Attach your blog feed to your Facebook page so that your blog posts will automatically be added to your Facebook site. This can greatly increase your number of blog followers and readers especially if you post interesting content.
  • Add teasers to articles on your website as a status update on Facebook and encourage your friends to visit to read the entire article. If they like it, hopefully, they’ll link to it.
  • Post photos that correlate to articles or blog posts on your Facebook page and link them back to your Website in hopes someone will link to them.
  • Post a link to your site(s) in your profile and make it visible to anyone who visits your Facebook page. You may be surprised how many personal friends, or even business colleagues, aren’t aware of all you do and can offer.
  • Post your articles on Facebook and ask your friends to link to it for you. Be sure it’s worthy link bait!
  • Since Facebook is often a family meeting place as well as business, friends and acquaintances, you might be surprised at how many people will post a link to your site simply because they know and love you. But you’ll never know unless you ask… so ask!

Building links with Facebook isn’t as easy as some other techniques you might use because Facebook truly is a social site and the majority of people are looking for interaction and fun.  However, it can be a very effective tool and reach many, many people if used right and you keep in mind to be social not salesy.

You will notice I have incorporated a number of these strategies on my website with the use of Like Buttons and the Facebook widget on the right of this post.  Just these two things have helped me gain followers and likers of the articles I post.

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Ian Richardson

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