Link Building Strategy 7 – Link Swaps: Are They Worth their Time to Code?

With all the changes in SEO propriety recently, you may have to wonder about link swaps.

Are they worth their time to code them?

Do link swaps still add value to a website?

Will your site be penalized if you have a link to a site that also
has a link to yours?

What do the experts say about this important topic?

Some SEO experts say that Google and the other search engines are moving value away from link swaps. And in a way, that’s not a totally bad thing. Sites that use irrelevant link swapping just to rank higher in the search engines should be discounted in their ranking.

But there are worthwhile link swaps to consider. As one writer said, someone who links to their local Chamber of Commerce, for instance, and then becomes a member of the Chamber and receives a link from them should not be penalized because they now have a “link swap.” It’s a fine line in the world of search engine optimization.

One-way links are still more valuable to your SEO efforts, however. And there are plenty of ways to get them, such as submitting articles to other websites, posting in discussion forums, commenting on blogs, publishing a blog, submitting guest blog posts and more.

If you decide to seek out a few link swaps for your site, keep these tips in mind for the best results:

  • Look for sites that are relevant to your niche. Never post a link on your site that has nothing whatsoever to do with the topic of your site.
  • Keep the link swaps to a minimum. A few here and there probably won’t  harm your rankings, just don’t get carried away.
  • Swap only with quality sites. Never swap links with a link farm or post a link to an amateurish, content-irrelevant site on any of your pages.

Link swaps do add some value to your site, but developing a link farm by linking to anyone and everyone who asks and who does the same for you simply devalues your site. Instead, encourage your site visitors to link back to you, or to an article or post on your site. This can garner a variety of one-way backlinks which is your best option by far.

Build quality content, add new information often, start a blog and publish new posts frequently… in essence, do all the things you can to encourage one-way links to your site and you won’t have to consider link swapping.

Ian Richardson

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