Link Building Strategy 3 – Getting Others To Link To Your Website

There are many ways to get others to link to your website but the most successful require effort on your part. Since links are increasingly considered blog “real estate”, bloggers are no longer willing to simply give links away.  Building relationships with individuals in targeted niches and your readers is essential.

Employ any combination of the below tips to build links to your website:

  • Ask. This may sound overly simple but providing a “Link to Us” page on your site with a few buttons and text descriptions can garner new links to your site.  At the end of every post or page, encourage visitors to add a link to your site.  Not only does it never hurt to ask, sometimes it gets you exactly what you want!
  • Build a rapport and relationship with others in your niche. Sometimes a “guru” or online authority will link to your site, just because they know you.
  • Make a list. Lists are the most popular “101 Ways to…,” “10 Tips for…,” “Top 10…,” “5 Myths About…,” etc. are always good for attracting links. They’re typically quick-reads, filled with helpful information, and can make you an “authority” in your field while getting others to link to your site.
  • Build a “little black book” online and fill it with resources related to your niche or website. Experts in the field, celebrities that are interested in your topic, resource sites and authoritative information are always good for a backlink.
  • Write articles and submit them to the top 10 article directories at Alexa, as well as to other websites that use articles in your niche topic.
  • Contact bloggers in your niche who have large followings and offer them original guest posts on a topic that fits their blogs—with a live link to your website, of course.
  • Become the “go-to” person for whatever it is you do. Jimmy Brown is known as “the” PLR guru because he, in essence, invented PLR. You can do the same thing in your niche and people will fall all over themselves to post a link to your website on their site or blog.
  • Email your friends and family members about a new article on your site, or a new resource you’ve added, and ask them to link to it if it’s something they find helpful.
  • Write articles or blog posts about companies that post links to company news on their sites. Visit the corporate website and look for “media” links or “in the news” and you’ll discover backlinks to anything written about that company online. Many large companies have alerts set up specifically to locate such articles and blog posts so they can link to them.
  • Don’t neglect DMOZ and other free directories when looking for ways to get others to link to your site. Directory links add up and you can spend an afternoon submitting your site and acquire several links in no time at all.
  • Promote your site locally to get local links as well. Submit your site to local websites, directories, organizations, etc. Join local groups that list their members’ websites online. Sponsor contests that give links to your site. All in all, do everything you can think of to build backlinks to your site.

Receiving quality backlinks takes time and effort on your part but it is well worth the initial effort.  Imagine how many new visitors and readers you could obtain with each additional backlink you receive.

Building backlinks from other sites is another strategy we use to help your website get noticed.

Ian Richardson

Owner & Director of Top Ranked Website and Local SEO & Social Media Marketing expert boosting local website rankings through proven strategies leading to more customers and revenue.

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