Link Building Strategies – 10 Part Series

With all the attention on Social Media Marketing these days I have seen little talk on some of the fundamental building blocks for search engine optimisation and ranking, one of those being Link Building.

There are a number of ways you can build backlinks to your site, some of them use the power of Social Media to do this, so I’ve decided to write a 10 Part Series on Building Backlinks to give you some ideas you can follow.

Link Building Basics.

Let’s get back to the basics.  If you want to increase your search engine page ranking and overall search engine optimisation, then you want to maximise the number of backlinks to your site.  A backlink is essentially a link to your site from another website or internet location.  If you are a blogger and you include links to relevant sites and resources, then you are giving that source a backlink.  Backlinks are important because they are part of the algorithm that Google uses to rank your website.  Building backlinks should be part of your overall blogging and website marketing and search engine optimisation strategy.

Not all backlinks are created equally. Search engines value quality backlinks and therefore it is important to be aware of the most effective types of backlinks and which ones are frowned upon by the various search engines.  Link farms, link swaps and purchasing links are all areas that you want to avoid. However, if you decide to employ them, be very cautious. They may very well not be worth the time or money it takes to build them. In fact, they could significantly damage your site if Google were to decide they frown on your links.

The single best way to increase your backlinks is to offer great content.  When you offer your readers well written, relevant and interesting content, they will want to link to your site and in doing so expose you to more and more readers.  Focus your efforts on offering your readers a site they value and read regularly. It will prove to be the most effective strategy for building links to your site.

I will list all the Link Building Strategies below for easy reference. (if you don’t see 10 it means they still haven’t been published and you should come back tomorrow to see more).

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