Link Building Strategy 10 – The Best Way

Seems everyone is always asking, what’s the best way to build links to your site?

This is an easy one to answer.

Hands down, the absolute best way to get others to link to your website is to offer them quality content that’s worth linking to.

Quality content can vary depending on what your niche is and your target audience. But it will almost always include fresh and original content on various aspects of your niche, resources to help those who are looking for what you have to offer and information that website visitors want.

Quality content—the kind that encourages others to link to your website—is relevant to your topic, offers value to your visitors and potential customers, fits within the overall industry of the topic of your site (such as related products or services), and provides value to your site visitors.

Building links involves offering your website visitors what they want and that’s what quality content is all about. It’s the old WIIFM thing… (What’s In It For Me?). If you can answer that question with your website visitor in mind, and create content aimed at that visitor, you’ve just provided quality content. And the odds of your visitors linking to that content have increased tremendously.

Let’s say your website deals with cocker spaniels. While there’s certainly some competition there, that’s probably not one of the most popular topics online. It should be relatively easy to create original content to build links to your site.

But what if your niche is more common and your competition is stiffer? What if your site focuses on Internet marketing (IM)? You can still create quality content to build links to your site.  For instance, your content could include original reviews of IM products that you write yourself or have someone write for you. Or include resource lists of software products, ebooks and websites that are truly useful to other Internet Marketers.  It could include original articles and tutorials on every aspect of IM from building a website to selling PLR.

The idea—regardless of your niche—is to create a site with content that is just a little different, or just a little better than anyone else is offering. What’s the BEST way to build links to your site? Quality content, without a doubt.

Ian Richardson

Owner & Director of Top Ranked Website and Local SEO & Social Media Marketing expert boosting local website rankings through proven strategies leading to more customers and revenue.

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