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About Us

Top Ranked Website is dedicated to helping businesses use the most powerful, new online and mobile marketing platforms to get visibility, traffic, leads, customers and raving fans.

Our formula is simple:

  1. Get out there and get found
  2. Engage with your prospects on their terms
  3. Continue to engage and follow up with them

We accomplish these objectives by applying the latest tools and know-how on behalf of your business.

Our objectives are:

To get started ASAP – Taking action quickly on the new online and mobile marketing platforms will produce results (leads and customers) more quickly and give you greater competitive advantage.

To build your platform incrementally – Not doing everything at once helps control costs by paying for it with new leads and customers.

To integrate all the elements so the work most powerfully with each other – search engines, video, social media, and mobile marketing.

To do it with zero work on your part – by planning, executing and managing your online social media and mobile marketing program for you, your business reaps the benefits without spreading you and your staff too thin.

Ian Richardson

ian-richardsonIan has been involved with and studying marketing techniques since the early 80’s. Television, Radio, Yellow pages, Newspaper, Classifieds, Catalogues, Letterbox Drops, Telemarketing, Door-To-Door, you name it and Ian has been involved with it somehow.

Since the mid 90’s he turned his interest to the Internet because, like many others, he saw an opportunity emerging that was going to be like no other ever seen before.

Fast forward to the present day and Ian could say he has nearly drowned in the amount of information that is flooding the Internet by the minute.

Trying to makes sense of this information and also use the Internet as a Marketing platform can be a challenge to anyone. Also trying to do this in the most cost effective way can seem an insurmountable task, but it really doesn’t have to be that way.

Ian is excited to assist you use the Internet as an effective marketing tool.  He looks forward to implementing a proven step-by-step system to increase your sales using the best of breed online marketing blueprint.  This will also include the creation and management of an online reputation whereby you will be established as an authority in your niche business.

Jeffrey S. Wyrick

In mid 1999 – Jeff started offering various web related services, mostly via word of mouth and referral. At the time there was still the Y2K scare to contend with, but by spring of 2000 on April 11th he was confident enough to go full steam ahead and began selling web hosting & web design services on eBay.

In his first 9 months he cleared over $50,000 usd & doubled that in year two!

By mid 2006 he decided to move away from the online auction market and begin focusing on more locally owned and operated businesses so that we could move in new directions where he’d feel confident that he was helping people build their business up and not just helping fly by night eBay buyers, which he’d made a considerable sum of money from, but they were not long term clients and at the end looking back he felt this was the best thing to do.

Moving ahead a few years to our present time….

Jeff has helped hundreds, if not THOUSANDS, of people build their business from the ground up on the Internet or bring their offline business from it’s traditional role of “brick and mortar” out of the real world and in to a more virtual web-based realm to start marketing their products, services or information online. We’re proud to have him on our team and confident that he will be a great asset to the company.

43 International Staff Members

Combined Experience and Expertise of Graphic Designers, Website Designers, Back-Linking Specialists, Social Media Marketing Specialists, Programmers, and Internet Marketers from Australia, USA, Canada, and Philippines.

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avatarCoulcher's Personal Accounting Camden

Thanks for the support in getting my website a better address on Google, up to No.1 in fact.

I have tried Yellow Pages, Newspapers, the Radio etc and within days of being listed at the top of Google, I attracted a new client, this was a much better response than all other methods combined.

Your advise and assistance with the Blog have also proved invaluable and I am sure that more business should flow my way with your assistance.

Les Coulcher
Coulcher's Personal Accounting