Website Analysis and Search Engine Optimisation

It's absolutely critical for your business to be on the Internet because 68% of people now research online before making their final buying decision, even at local stores.

The real question is will they find you?

In order for you to achieve a top ranked website you need to have more than just a good looking website that has possibly been search engine optimised. 

A site like that can be likened to a well produced billboard advertisement, but it's no use having your ad posted out in the desert where it gets no traffic.

We implement 10 key strategies to not only create an efficient website which turns browsers into buyers, we make sure your site is placed in high traffic areas to get optimum exposure.

Website Preparation for Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing System

Businesses around the world will discover how important and effective Social Media Marketing can be for their profits!

  • Creating buzz or newsworthy events, videos, tweets or blog entries that attract attention.
  • Building ways that enable fans of your brand or company to promote you themselves.
  • Engage in online conversations with your customers (fans, followers, etc) in ways never before available.

Social Media Marketing Gets More Traffic

With effective implementation and management of a Social Media Marketing campaign you may find you can decrease or even eliminate your reliance on other advertising methods like Yellow Pages, Newspaper, Classifieds, Catalogues, Telemarketing, Television or many others you may be using at the present time.

Click here to find out how an effective Social Media Marketing campaign can help your business.
Online Video Marketing

Did you know that there is 24 hours of video loaded onto YouTube every minute of the day?  Here are some other facts you may not have know about how effective Video can be as a marketing method for your business:

  • The average online viewer watched 12.2 hours of online video each month
  • YouTube is the 4th most visited site on the internet
  • YouTube is the No. 2 Search Engine on the web
  • We submit your marketing videos to over 28 video sharing sites online, and are constantly looking for more
Online Reputation Management

Using video online has become more effective thatn spending 10's of Thousands of dollars on Television advertising.  The reason is due to people "serching" for the infirmation.  If they are looking for your product and a video appears they are bound to watch it instead of ignoring it and running to make a coffe when the commercial break happens.